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What a great show of love I received from Green Beauty Maven and Celebrity make-up artist Kristen Arnett of Green Beauty Team! She came to LA for the Indie Beauty Expo and came to my studio for one of my amazing facials and a girl’s catch up session but it got quiet real fast as my hands just breathed life into her skin and she went to her happy place. Her skin LOVED IT!

Take a read at her glowing review here and also watch our video and see some of my favorite massage techniques here.

Oh, and don’t forget to touch your face (clean hands please;)





I love cooking with fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, mint and chives but coming home after a busy day and chopping herbs can be a drag, don’t you think? I know many of you feel the same way and this is why it is so important to prep your food for the week so your beautiful fresh foods won’t go bad.

I’m sharing one of my favorite kitchen tips for you. For most herbs like the ones mentioned above, quickly rinse and thoroughly dry by shaking the bunch outside or letting sit in the sun for a few minutes and then wrap in a clean kitchen towel and press gently to remove any excess moisture. Once dry, chop herbs like you see in the pictures below and store them in clean glass jars, leaving at least an inch on top for you to place a bunched up dry paper towel (preferably unbleached) to cover the jar completely but loosely and refrigerate.

I have stored cilantro and parsley like this for ten days in the fridge and it remained bright green until the last day. Chives and mint will store for about five days.

I love adding herbs to any dish because they bring a fresh brightness to it as well as tons of antioxidants and minerals. Also, on a busy week, adding herbs elevates the most simple foods like boiled potatoes, pastas, tuna salads and grains and it feels so great to indulge in something so beautiful that took so little effort and time to make..

Basil and other herbs are not meant for this method but for tips on how to prep those and and your other fresh foods from the market join me for a Shop, Prep and Cook class at the Santa Monica Farmers Market‬ ‪and ‎Mar Vista Farmers Market.‬ Just stay in the loop on my Facebook page for classes, website and ebooks launch and culinary tours too. xo

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It’s Pollinator Week this week so I wanted to reach into the archives and consolidate some of my most relevant posts that will help you be a connect better to your honeybee friend and her liquid gold honey.

Eating local honey has been touted as the only way to choose honey for generations but does this rule of thumb still reign supreme in our modern world? With our environment and honeybee population in peril and every person needing to do their part to help tilt the fate in a more positive direction, I say it is more important to consume honey made by happy and healthy bees than local honey so if that means choosing honey from Wyoming because your beekeepers in Montana use acid in their hives, then so be it.

To make these kinds of decisions we need to engage the beekeepers that provide us our honey. There are two ways you can do this; either meet your beekeepers face-to-face at farmer’s markets and other community / farm / apiary hosting events or email brands and visit websites and social media pages of honey brands you are interested in purchasing. Once you do one of these two things you can ask some very important questions and determine if that beekeeper maintains a sustainable and treatment-free practice. Continue Reading »


As many of you may already know, I have a GINORMOUS issue with nut milks! Like my other enemy, canola oil, nut milks are marketed as healthy when in fact though they pose different risks than conventional dairy, they do come with their own set of problems. Ingested regularly, many of them definitely pose a burden to your body.

Like cosmetics, food is loaded with fillers, additives, flavors and emulsifiers that have never been safety tested for human consumption and so now that you know this, I suggest you do your absolute best to avoid those ingredients. Carrageenan, guar gum, xanthan gum, maltodextrin, tapioca starch, natural flavors and added sugars and fats are wreaking havoc on our health and we don’t even know it. We just keep blaming gluten.

Try your best to find packaged food products that are exactly what they say they are. Ideally almond milk would be almonds and water but that’s almost impossible to do on a mass scale so instead narrow your findings down and find the best alternative with the least ingredients.

Below I listed some of the cleanest packaged nut and soymilks that I could find. I also made sure to link recipes to make your own nutmilks and offer some great Budget For Organic tips. Continue Reading »

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