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For some time, I have been meaning to write this post and just recently after reading an article in The Tampa Bay Times titled Farm-To-Table Restaurants, You’re Being Fed Fiction I knew it was time

As you know I come from a 20-year career in organic beauty. In early 1991 when I decided to create my line, I got down to it and spent the next few years learning everything I could about the business of beauty. My research was vast and began with the who’s who and the what’s what, ingredient technology, packaging and marketing and then I began to hold meetings with the crème de la crème of cosmetic chemists, cosmetic testing labs and the top manufacturers that supplied all the raw materials. After my meetings, I would go to the library to research everything and that is when I learned much more than I ever imagined possible. Continue Reading »


It is time we all take our food choices more seriously and learn more about the impact they have on everything from climate change, soil erosion, toxic water, disease and illness and so on and so on… I believe once you watch this video, you will quickly get reacquainted with your values and will have no other choice but to shift your lifestyle in a slower and healthier direction. The world needs you at your best and it needs all of us to do our part so let’s Do This! xo



Sunday is going to be an extra special day at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market because I will be hosting my seasonal Farmer’s Market Groupie event. I hope you will come by and spend some time!

This event I will focus on the new spring bounty that is sprouting and I will also be there to show you how to store and prep some of your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs so you have easy access for the week and little/no waste. I will also share my favorite farmers and what they have to offer AND will be available to answer all of your cooking and healthy budgeting questions.

My goal is to inspire your food adventures and make the kitchen the place to be! I look forward to you cooking more and eating packaged foods less so you are at your healthiest and happiest because that is exactly what this world needs!

xo see you soon!


Last week I was housesitting for my friends in my old Venice Beach neighborhood and my first morning there, I decided to go to The Cow’s End, my favorite Venice local coffee shop.

I get a coffee and chose a bench in the sun to enjoy and chatting with one fella about the difference between a bagel and a bialy. He, being from LA saw no difference at all and me, being a New Yorker and knowing that there is a HUGE difference had to put in my two cents. We laughed and talked like old friends. This is the magic that once was Venice and still is at The Cow.

After he left, two men that were sitting at a table outside asked if they could share my bench. I was happy to oblige. They immediately engage in a conversation and I hear the one closest to me say something about the farm in Idaho and this and that and the farm and this and that and so I politely interrupted and asked “are you a farmer?” He told me that he grew up on his family farm in Idaho and though he lives in LA, he still manages the farmland back home. That led to us talking about Idaho, my love for Sun Valley, food and how to feed the hungry and I share a little bit about FMGroupie… After our chat, I said my goodbyes and walking home, I was so excited thinking how I never once met a farmer outside of a farmer’s market in LA and now, with FMG on the brain I’m meeting them in Venice coffeeshops.

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Spring is upon us and if you are at the farmer’s market, I am sure you are noticing all kinds of new foods popping up. There is fresh garlic, asparagus, fava beans and fresh chamomile and that is just the very beginning. There is so much to come and to help you plan your seasonal meals, I cannot tell you enough how GENIUS Epicurious is for creating this Peak-Season Map.

No matter where you live in the U.S., all you have to do to know what is popping up this season, or any for that matter, is click on this interactive calendar first by month and then by your state and voila, a pop-up appears that list most every seasonal food you will see at the market. Have fun and remember, no more excuses! Eating fresh, local and seasonal foods is fun, adventurous and totally cool! So just do it already.


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